British Institute of Professional Dog Training – Gold

This certificate is for the dedicated club member.


1; 2; 3; 4; 5; These exercises are the same as the Silver Certificate.
6. Controlled walking alongside handler off lead, plus changes of pace, plus approach by the examiner to pet the dog in the sit position, plus walking around various distractions (people with and without dogs).
7. Change of Position (off lead) – Sit, Down, Sit, Stand, Down.
8. Stay plus distractions.
9. Recall to Heel, plus distractions.
10. Hide and Seek.
11. Stop or Drop on command.

  • The dog having obtained a Silver certificate, the Examiner may choose one or more exercises from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for re-test.


1. Coat and Skin.
2. Head, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Mouth & Teeth.
3. Feet & Nails, Front and Rear pads, Fur/Skin between pads.
4. Rear End – Under Tail Area.
5. Tummy Area.
6. Genitals.
7. Examination by a Stranger:

  • The owner / handler will have to show they are able to clean, check and be able to handle their dog as if to give some medication.
  • The Examiner will go over the dog in a similar manner as a Breed Judge.


NOTE:- When dogs are being tested off lead, every effort should be taken to ensure that the area being used is safe. If whilst under test an unforeseen situation arises, the handler must  take the appropriate responsible action (without being penalized), which could be putting their dog back onto lead. This is a practical test, not a competition.